Chicago Field Museum | Stanley Field Hall Flying Pterosaurs

In the spring of 2018, the Field Museum opened it’s newly renovated grand entry hall. The new Stanley Field Hall features a cast of the 122-foot long titanosaur as well as futuristic hanging gardens and a flock of extinct giant flying reptiles.

The flock of scientifically accurate pterosaurs (which are flying reptiles, not dinosaurs) created by Blue Rhino Studio, give visitors a glimpse at animals that shared the planet with dinosaurs. The lifelike replicas include nine hawk-sized Rhamphorhynchus (ram-foh-RINK-us), two Pteranodon (teh-RAN-oh-don) with 18-foot-wingspans, and two giant Quetzalcoatlus (ket-zal-co-AHT-lus), whose spread wings stretch 35 feet.

Beth Zaiken