Chicago Field Museum | Antarctic Dinosaurs

The Field’s new traveling exhibition, Antarctic Dinosaurs, opened it’s doors in June 2018. The Exhibition features new discoveries in paleontology from antarctica, which wasn’t always so icy and barren as it is today.

The exhibition features four species of dinosaur: the twenty-five foot-long predator Cryolophosaurus (“frozen crested lizard,” named for the bony ornamentation on its head), rhinosized herbivore Glacialisaurus, and two new species that haven’t even been officially scientifically described yet. These new dinosaurs are sauropodomorphs, early relatives of the giant long-necked, four-legged herbivores like Brachiosaurus and titanosaurs. The new species, however, are smaller—the littler one, a juvenile specimen, is about the size of a Labrador Retriever.

Blue Rhino Studio created reconstructions of these new antarctic species as well as many other furnishings for the exhibit. The exhibition is on display in Chicago until January 6, 2019—go check it out!

Beth Zaiken